Our School

Ko Taranaki te maunga,
Ko Waiwhakaiho, ko Te Hēnui ngā awa,
Ko Tokomaru te waka,
Ko Te Atiawa te iwi,
Ko Ngāti Te Whiti, ko Ngāti Tūparikino, ko Ngāti Tawhirikura ngā hapū,
Ko Ratahangae, Ko Ratakengai, ngā pā tawhito,
Ko Merrilands te kura,
Ko Michelle Cronin te tumuaki.
Taranaki is our mountain,
Waiwhakaiho and Te Hēnui are our rivers,
Tokomaru is our canoe,
Te Atiawa is our iwi,
Ngāti Te Whiti, Ngāti Tūparikino and Ngāti Tawhirikura are our hapu,
Ratahangae and Ratakengai are our pa sites,
Merrilands is our school,
Michelle Cronin is our principal.
Merrilands School is a contributing primary school catering for students in Year 1 – Year 6.
A smaller school in New Plymouth, set in the heart of the Merrilands community, Merrilands School offers rich and authentic learning based around localised contexts. 
Nurturing students to enable them to be the best they can be through a strong emphasis on developing the school SHINE values, supports students to grow as confident, connected and actively involved members of the community.
The school is well supported by a wonderful team of teachers and support staff.  Skillsets and facilities enable students with a broad and diverse range of needs to be catered for. Te Whare Manaakitia is a base class where students with high and complex needs access learning, mobility and communication support in a nurturing and holistically developed learning  space.
Supporting students to transition into school is really important to us. Junior classes offer a combination of play based and structured learning to support students at all stages of entry to school. Structured literacy provides a strong foundation of learning that enables all students to build literacy skills in their early years. Inquiry learning is centred around localised contexts where the Merrilands community provides a rich source of opportunities for tamariki to explore and learn in authentic contexts. Education outside the classroom is highly valued.
Merrilands School offers a range of extra curricular opportunities for students from Kapa Haka to sports teams including netball, miniball, basketball, cricket, inline hockey and touch rugby. It also competes in the annual Interschool Sports exchange, fielding rugby, football and netball teams in the Year 5-6 competition.
The school’s vision ‘A Caring Community Inspiring Lifelong Learning’ is truly evident across the school with the school’s SHINE values – Self manage, Help others, Integrity, Never quit and Excellence underpinning everything we do at Merrilands School. This enables the long connected catchphrase ‘Where every child gets to shine’ to truly come to life.