Our Learning

Learning has been developed based around a localised curriculum. This is important as it enables learning to be meaningful and for our tamariki and for them to have a sense of belonging to our community.

A cycle of inquiry based around Our Maunga, Our Awa and Our Whenua enables tamariki to develop learning capabilites, knowledge and deep understandings in a range of meaningful contexts.
Our place – Merrilands, has many different spaces and places that enable us to connect and make learning real for tamariki. These include but are not limited to our two awa – Te Henui and Waiwhakaiho, Skeet Bush – Kauri / Karaka Street Reserve, Merrilands Domain, Audrey Gale Reserve, Pukewarangi and Puketarata Pa sites, Community Orchard, Ratahangae and Ratakengai Pa sties, Telford and Riverside Rest Homes, Tupare Gardens, Waiwaka Tennis Club, Rimu Street Business Area, Te Mete Park and the Merrilands Shopping Centre.
Whānau involvement is crucial to enabling our tamariki to explore and learn. We are fortunate to have such a supportive community that helps us to make learning beyond our school grounds possible. This also supports tamariki to grow a sense of kaitiakitanga within the community they live.

All learning is underpinned by a strong commitment to grow literacy and mathematics skills. The school has undertaken a transformational journey in Structured Literacy and are excited about the evolving picture of success that this teaching approach is enabling for our tamariki.

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